What if we told you that you’d never have to look for the right relocation form in your office again? Well, you never will, because Worldwide ERC®’s Forms Portal keeps them handy and organized for you! The Forms Portal is a simple, low-cost solution for completing standardized relocation forms electronically using Adobe® technology. And you can access the Forms Portal via the Internet anytime you have the urge to handle your relocation paperwork!

Forms currently available via the Forms Portal include:

  • The Worldwide ERC® Broker’s Market Analysis and Strategy Report (BMA)
  • The Worldwide ERC® Property Status Report
  • The Worldwide ERC® Real Estate Broker Invoice
  • The Worldwide ERC® Homeowner Disclosure Statement
  • The Worldwide ERC® Property Assessment report form (is licensed at no cost to Worldwide ERC® members and available without a Forms Portal subscription)

The next time you’re looking for a relocation form, go toward the portal, not the paper. And leave the organizing to us.

Forms Portal Access

Already a forms portal subscriber? You can access the forms portal here.
(Please note: your Worldwide ERC® membership does not automatically include subscription to the forms portal).

If you would like to get access, you can subscribe to the forms portal here.

Member price: $375.00

Non-Member Price: $585.00


Support is available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST. Call +1 703 842 3410 or E-mail webmaster@WorldwideERC.org