Forms Portal License Agreement
Your use of Worldwide ERC®’s Forms Portal ("Portal") is permitted subject to the following License terms:

  1. This license is issued to one organization or company ("Licensee"), which is hereby granted a worldwide, non-exclusive license to distribute and use the Portal and the Worldwide ERC® owned and copyrighted materials residing ("Forms") on it for a term of one year commencing upon the date of purchase, unless otherwise earlier terminated by Worldwide ERC®, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this license.
  2. The Portal may be accessed by the PERC™ member representative of the Licensee.
  3. Licensee may not modify the Worldwide ERC® Forms in any way, except by filling in the blank fields.
  4. Licensee may transmit the Forms, either blank or completed, to its employees and independent contractors on its internal LAN or WAN, and may post the blank forms thereon. Completed (i.e. filled in) forms may be distributed as contemplated by the type of Form.
  5. Licensee may NOT publish or make the Forms available to the general public, either for free or for any consideration whatsoever, and will take all reasonable actions to make certain that the forms are not distributed except as permitted in the license.
  6. Worldwide ERC® reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue any of the Forms on the Portal, in which case it will replace the current Forms with the revised ones, if any.
  7. Worldwide ERC® will take commercially reasonable efforts to make certain that the Portal is available on the Internet every day; however, Licensee understands and agrees that the nature of the Internet, Internet traffic and architecture, may limit availability during some time periods.
  8. Worldwide ERC® specifically disclaim any representations and warranties concerning the Forms, and Licensee agrees that Worldwide ERC® shall have no liability whatsoever, in any form, for the provision or use of any Form. Worldwide ERC® shall not have any liability whatsoever for the material, data, opinions, and writings which Licensee may write in the Form, and Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Worldwide ERC®, its employees, officers, directors and consultants, from liability arising out of Licensee's use of the Forms.
  9. If at any time Licensee does not desire to be bound by this License, it may notify Worldwide ERC®, and access rights to the Portal will be terminated. No refund of the License fee shall be made.
  10. Upon termination of this License, all Licensee's rights in the Forms shall cease, and Licensee will erase and destroy all copies of the Forms which it may have created on its LAN or WAN.
  11. In the event of any dispute arising from this License, Licensee agrees that the sole venue and jurisdiction for any judicial action is Arlington, VA, and that the License will be interpreted according to the substantive law of the State of Virginia.